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The journey of “STUDIO MITO” begins in 1998 thanks to the interesting joining between themore than decennary experience of Stefano Pirro and the uniqueness expression of architect Gabriele Rossi .

The two designers found fil rouge chosing to carry on contemporary living issues and trying to offer new solutions to continue "good drawings" logic of italian design: purposeful and well-established in researching. The

direct consequence was the multidisciplinary interest fields, preferring that ones mostly related to the two designers (architecture, industrial design, interior decoration), but even on that ones related to visual communication

and artistic-formal (fashion,graphic design).

STUDIO MITO is always a work in progress: it is in costant reserching of dialouge andcollaboration between people with varied skills and competences.Thanks tothese premises,the Studio is able to satisfy every kind of design

process need,counting on a prototypist and technical consultants group, who are always able to solve project realization problems, emphasizing the opening to constructive and sincere dialogue between the internal components

and the many external collaborators.